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Our Transformative Wellness Bundles have been thoughtfully designed to bring harmony to your well being, making it easier for you to achieve your health goals and experience the transformation you deserve.

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“Love the product. I have been taking it for about two months and feel so much better"

Matthew Y. 55. USA.

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Slimming Detox Duo

Elevate your wellness with our bestseller, the Slimming Detox Duo, a blend of 23 natural ingredients that support fat-burning and liver health.

Detox & Dream Duo

Discover renewed vitality and peaceful nights through the Detox & Dream Duo's synergy of 16 trusted ingredients, optimizing liver function and sleep quality.

Slimming Sleep Duo

Maximize your fat loss potential and improve your sleep quality with the Slimming Sleep Duo, leveraging 15 natural components backed by cutting-edge scientific research.

Total Wellness Trio

Experience ultimate well being with the Total Wellness Trio—a bio-optimized bundle meticulously designed to accelerate whole body cleanse, fat loss, restful slumber, and overall revitalization.

Single Bottles


Optimize your health with AlphaCleanse, an organic herb-based food supplement that naturally enhances liver function, aids detoxification, bolsters the immune and digestive systems, and supports weight management.


Enjoy more peaceful sleep with Lunite, a premium and science-backed sleep supplement designed to expedite sleep, prolong sleep duration, and harmonize sleep patterns using natural and safe ingredients.


A natural and safe thermogenic supplement that optimizes metabolism and conquers weight loss plateaus by enhancing lipolysis, stimulating fat burning hormones, curbing cravings, and boosting energy.


“Helping my energy levels and metabolism”

I think it's really starting to have an effect on my gut microbiome for the better and helping my digestion. There's a ton of antioxidants in here which is going to boost my immune system, and I know we're all looking for that more than ever right now, so I'm really happy with AlphaCleanse. It's something that I've been keeping up for a long, long time and I'm looking forward to seeing more great results, and I think you guys will be too.

“Been feeling less bloated and more energetic!”

I’ve been loving using AlphaCleanse to help detox my system. After using these capsules consistently for a few weeks, I have noticed that I’ve been feeling less bloated and more energetic as it contains spirulina, which is a high-nutrient superfood containing certain proteins and amino acids that have metabolism-boosting properties.

“It works great!”

I want to tell you about this awesome product that I got, and I love it! This is AlphaCleanse by EdenBoost and it works so well for so many different reasons. It's actually like a cleansing detox for your whole entire body. It's great for digestive health, it's made of organic ingredients like Spirulina, Burdock Root, and even Eucalyptus. It's all natural, there's no side effects or anything like that, and it works. So definitely check it out! This is AlphaCleanse by EdenBoost, and it works great!

“Aids with my detox”

This stuff is amazing. I am huge in holistic health and natural ingredients. And the first look at these ingredients I was already sold. It has so many natural organic ingredients that are high in antioxidants, like spirulina and dandelion root, and many others that help naturally detox the body. It's really important that I do a few detoxes a year, and this product just helps aid with that completely, restoring the good bacteria in the gut, as well as helping my metabolism. This stuff is honestly amazing!

“Most healthy and energetic I've felt in years”

I'm in my thirties and am already feeling the signs of aging, like low energy, achy joints and bloatedness… Which are all signs of declining metabolism. Since taking this, I’m the most healthy and energetic I’ve felt in years! This supplement is magic and has the added benefits of supporting purification in your liver, colon, kidney and blood, too! And yes for all my health-conscious friends out there, it’s vegan and organic! Try it out now and start feeling more like yourself again!

“Nice to feel like I have a little extra support“

So I just got the Eden Boost's Alpha Cleanse and so far so good! It’s a natural and organic supplement that claims to detoxify and support digestive health and weight management, but my main interest in it was for the immune system boosting effects. This time of year, I always feel anxious about getting sick, so it’s really nice to feel like I have a little extra support in safeguarding against that. Each bottle like this one contains a 30 day supply, and I just take 2 capsules each day, simple!