Exposed: The Silent Villain Robbing Adults Over 50 of Restful Sleep!

Over 50 and fighting a silent but brutal sleep crisis? Read on and discover the real culprit behind poor sleep for those over 50.

Written By:
Alex Hartfield—The Sleep Solution Sage

If you’ve ever laid awake at night, with your sheets twisted, hearing the ticking of the clock as you stare blankly at the ceiling for hours...

You are not alone.

According to the Sleep Foundation, it is estimated that between 50 million to 70 million Americans have ongoing sleep disorders.*

And many of us were deceived into believing we're powerless against it.

That we just need to accept the ‘fact’ that turning 50 automatically meant nightly battles with sleep — and continuous reliance on sleeping pills and maintenance drugs.

The Lies That We Have Been Told

But what if I told you that it’s just a grand deception?

A deception orchestrated by sinister forces thriving on your escalating ailments...

So you’ll keep buying more and more “medications” that only seem to make it worse long term.

This deception traps us in a cycle of restless nights, foggy mornings, and a poor resemblance of what we used to know as life!

But it’s not just about the struggle to get a good night’s sleep.

It’s about your health too.

Because every sleepless night is like a thief, sneaking in and stealing a bit of your strength, your energy, and your life.

And there’s more...

Here are three big problems that come knocking when good sleep walks out:

1. Your Heart’s at Risk

Bad sleep is bad news for your heart.

It’s like inviting trouble to your doorstep. Your heart works overtime, and that’s a no-go. We need our hearts healthy and strong, beating with ease, not struggling because we can’t sleep.

Don’t just take my word for it.

The American Heart Association warns that poor sleep, especially sleep apnea, is linked to higher risks of heart failure and stroke.*

And to add more fuel to the fire...

2. You’re On Edge

Ever lashed out at someone and been haunted by regret?

That’s what lack of sleep does.

It leaves you on edge, like a cat on a scorching tin roof.

Your patience? Gone. Your cool? Lost. It’s like walking on a tightrope, and any small thing can make you fall.

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology showed that even partial sleep loss could make people more prone to stress and anger.*

But it doesn’t end there.

3. Forgetful Much?

Here’s the kicker —- bad sleep makes your memory mushy.

Names, faces, where you put your keys...

It all gets lost in a fog.

It’s like trying to catch water with a net (impossible!)

The Sleep Foundation confirms this, stating that sleep plays a crucial role in consolidating memories.

Without enough sleep, your brain struggles to process and remember information.*

And the list goes on and on!

Bad sleep isn’t just a night-time problem.

It follows you during the day, messes with your heart, makes you snappy, and turns your memory into swiss cheese.

But here’s the good news...

It doesn’t have to be this way.

That big old lie about sleep and age? We can kick it to the curb.

A world where you sleep like a baby and wake up ready to rock and roll is just around the corner.

You don’t have to be tired and grumpy.

Better days, and nights, are waiting.

But before we can get our good night’s sleep, we have to know what we’re really dealing with. We have to expose this “silent villain” who’s robbing adults over 50 of restful sleep so we can nip it in the bud... once and for all!

Know The Enemy

We call it “the melatonin decline.”

Melatonin decline is like a light that slowly dims over time. It happens because our bodies produce less and less of this crucial sleep hormone as we age.

This sleep hormone is super important for NREM SWA sleep, the deep sleep that helps our bodies and minds rest and recharge.

But as we get older, especially after 50, our body produces less melatonin naturally.

This means our sleep isn’t as refreshing, and we wake up still feeling tired.

But there’s good news!

We can ignite the body's ability to produce this sleep hormone “back to life” with the perfect blend of natural, scientifically endorsed ingredients.

These ingredients are like a team of helpers, each with a special role in making our sleep better.

The Ingredients That Give Us Back Restful Sleep!

MicroActive Melatonin

Think of MicroActive Melatonin as a night guard for your sleep.

It works extra hours by releasing melatonin, a sleep hormone, slowly all night long.

This helps you stay asleep and makes your sleep deeper and more restful.

Studies show that melatonin can help you sleep better and longer.*

Another study tells us it can also help your body in other ways, like fighting off diseases and helping control your weight.*

Magnolia Bark

Magnolia Bark is like a peacekeeper for your sleep.

It helps calm your mind if you’re feeling stressed or worried, making sleep come easier.

It’s not just about helping you fall asleep — it makes sure that your sleep is good quality, so you wake up actually feeling refreshed (instead of sluggish and groggy like most days!)

There’s a study that shows Magnolia Bark has become even more popular because it helps people sleep and feel less stressed, especially during tough times like the recent pandemic.*

Magnesium Bisglycinate

Magnesium Bisglycinate is like a gentle hug for your body and mind before bed.

It’s a special kind of magnesium that’s easy on your stomach and helps your nervous system relax.

A study shows that this type of magnesium gets into your body easily without upsetting your stomach.

It’s not just about getting you to sleep — it’s about making that sleep restful so you wake up ready to take on the day.*


Skullcap helps you fall asleep and makes your sleep deep and refreshing.

It’s packed with good stuff called flavonoids that help calm your nerves.

A study shows that it’s not just a sleep helper; it’s a powerhouse that makes your nervous system stronger.

Every time you take it, you’re not just closer to a good night’s sleep but to a stronger, more balanced you.*

These powerful ingredients combat the melatonin decline...

Helping you to not just fall asleep, but also stay asleep and get more hours of deep, restorative sleep you’ve always wanted.

That’s why we took these exact four ingredients, combined them together, and created an all-natural sleep solution called Lunite.


“Take 2 capsules every night and I feel sleepy in less than an hour. I use a sleep monitor and it showed a 40% deep sleep cycle and a 99% score for my age group for the first night. I usually get about 10-20% deep sleep cycle.”

Aaron R. 52. - USA

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The Melatonin Activation Formula

The Melatonin Activation Formula is crafted from elite, potent ingredients... handpicked by experts and in the exact amounts that deliver optimal results.

This formula is specifically designed to help the body naturally produce more melatonin, making our sleep deep and restful again (like how we used to sleep when we were younger.)

And this formula can only be found inside our all-natural, science-backed restorative sleep supplement:

Meet Lunite

Lunite is more than a sleep aid.

It’s like a sleep revolution in a capsule. It doesn’t just help you fall asleep—it tackles the root cause of sleeplessness.

Each dose of Lunite delivers the exact amount of ingredients that men and women over 50 years old need to experience the most amazing restful sleep they’ve had for years… even decades!

With Lunite, every night can be a journey to peaceful sleep... and every morning can be a burst of youthful energy and freshness!

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“I noticed that most sleep aids make me drowsy whenever I wake up. This has not been the case with this product. I start my mornings feeling better than ever. More energy and none of the grogginess. My husband’s tried it and feels the same way.”

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