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Did you know?

Toxin build-up is one of the biggest (yet most ignored) contributors to all sorts of digestive distress. Some of the common signs include bloating, inflammation, irregular bowel movements, and unexpected weight gain.

The worst part? Toxin exposure is so rampant that it's become almost impossible to avoid.

1. BPAs and microplastics

BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical that is added to many commercial products, including food containers and hygiene products. Bottled water, canned food, and foods packaged in plastic containers

When BPA containers are made, not all of the BPA gets sealed into the product. This allows part of it to break free and mix with the container’s contents once food or fluids are added.

And yes, when we consume these contents, BPAs find their way into our digestive systems.1

2. Pesticides

Glyphosate is one of the world’s most common herbicides in food production and agriculture.

Many farmers use glyphosate products for growing crops. It gets into foods early in the food chain, before raw food is harvested and before it’s processed.

Several studies suggest that glyphosate has a direct impact on gut bacteria, contributing to digestive problems.2

3. Artificial sweeteners

Before you reach for that diet soda or sugar-free ice cream, you must realize that these products are almost always filled with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin.

Even though these chemicals are "approved" by regulatory authorities, recent studies suggest adverse affects on the gut microbiome when these toxic chemicals are consumed.

Inflammation in the digestive tract and gut microbiome toxicity are just some of these effects.3

4. Processed foods

Processed foods are full of added sugars, refined carbohydrates, trans fats, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.

This includes (but is not limited to) frozen foods, instant noodles/soups, breakfast cereals, chips, candy, sausages, nuggets, sodas... The list is endless!

Numerous studies have highlighted the health risks associated with long-term consumption of processed foods, especially when it comes to the gut microbiome and the digestive system.4

5. Antibiotics

Both long-term and short-term treatments of antibiotics can lead to loss of diversity and imbalances in gut bacteria. This can also lead to toxin overload and inflammation in the digestive tract.

However, this is not only limited to antibiotics, as studies further suggest that other commonly-consumed drugs, such as non-sterodial anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), can have a similar effect on gut bacteria abundance.3

Antibiotics and other common drugs can also lead to toxicity in the gut microbiome.

With repeated exposure to these toxins, the body's natural detoxification system gets backed up, contributing to common health-impairing digestive issues...

  • Bloating
  • Inflammation
  • Gassiness
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Sluggish energy
  • Itching
  • Poor sleep
  • Weight gain around the gut

Think of these issues as signs from the body, sending warning signals to the brain that it needs help and support to eliminate toxins.

If these warning signals continue to be ignored, they could worsen into health risks.

Without help, the body gets overloaded with toxins, which worsens the number of free radicals. And more free radicals result in more inflammation, digestive problems, elimination problems, and weight gain.

Free radicals are also one of the main reasons why the body experiences aging-related issues...

However, the real overarching issue is this...

The average american diet is seriously lacking in essential micronutrients and antioxidants5

The body needs certain micronutrients and antioxidants that support our detoxification and digestive systems.

Without them, the body experiences more free radical damage in the body, more inflammation in the digestive tract, and less good bacteria in the gut microbiome.

This is also one of the main reasons why we experience bloating and weight gain - as toxins continue to back up our elimination systems.

The Good News Is...

"You can enjoy smoother digestion by flushing out toxins & restoring micronutrient density in your body... all at once!"

What's great is that there's an easy fix!

By including a very specific set of toxin-eliminating superfoods in the diet, you can support your body's natural ability to eliminate toxins, neutralize free radicals, and restore healthy function in your digestive system!

This is ideal for less bloating, better weight management, and an overall healthier and happier you!

Curious to find out what these toxin-eliminating superfoods are?

There's 4 of them, and we've included them in our brand new supplement, VitaGuard:

VitaGuard Contains 4 Organic Superfoods Researched For Their Detoxification Effects

Organic Goji Berry

Goji berry is popularly used in traditional chinese medicine for promoting liver and kidney health.

On top of benefiting liver and kidney function, goji berry also helps restore vitality, strength and well-being to the body.

Thanks to its high antioxidant content, goji berry has a liver-protective effect against oxidative stress that's common in high-fat diets, making goji berry an essential component in any detox.6

Organic Beetroot

The liver is the body's primary detoxification organ. Beetroot has been known as the liver-protective food, working as an extraordinary liver cleanser by eliminating toxins.

With the help of compounds like methionine and glycine, beetroot can help prevent fatty acids from building up while stimulating liver cells.

It also contains the antioxidant betaine, which can help reduce fatty deposits in the liver. Betaine also has a protective effect on the liver against toxins and free radicals.7

Organic Wheatgrass

The nutrients in wheatgrass aid the body in getting rid of impurities and stored toxins. For example, chlorophyll aids in detoxing the body and helps support healthy liver function.

Wheatgrass also has high levels of beneficial enzymes that aid in digestion by helping your body to break down food and absorb nutrients.

Plus, the detox effects of wheatgrass can cleanse the gut, helping the body relieve gas, bloating, constipation, abdominal discomfort, and other common digestive issues.8

Organic Kale

Kale is recognized as providing comprehensive support for the body’s detoxification systems. Research has shown that the isothiocyanates from kale’s glucosinolates support detoxification by regulating detox activities in our cells.

Kale’s phytonutrients, such as kaempferol and quercetin, can help ease inflammation. Its high amount of fiber also helps maintain the digestive tract's health.

Plus, the large number of sulfur compounds in kale helps support liver function. 9

Most Detoxes Focus On Elimination BUT Forget About Inflammation

Toxin build-up is one of the key contributors to inflammation, which can harm the body. Discomfort in the joints, poor skin health, and even weakening our digestive systems are just some examples.

One of the most overlooked areas of inflammation is the digestive tract.

When the digestive tract is inflamed, it gets backed up with toxins and waste, leading to more bloating, stomach discomfort, and weight gain.

Weakened Gut Lining



Weight Gain

Polyphenols are beneficial plant-based antioxidants that help to ease inflammation in the digestive tract, encourage good gut bacteria, neutralize free radicals, and support the body's detox ability.

To ease inflammation AND eliminate toxins, VitaGuard includes 4 more organic superfoods that have been researched for their polyphenol and antioxidant activity.10

VitaGuard Also Includes These 4 Anti-inflammatory Polyphenol Superfoods

Organic Maqui Berry

Maqui Berry contains 3x more antioxidants than blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. They’re particularly rich in a group of polyphenol antioxidants called anthocyanins.

Maqui berry has demonstrated promising anti-inflammatory effects in test-tube and clinical studies, suggesting it to be an excellent companion for easing inflammation.

Studies further suggest that plant compounds in maqui and other berries may also have a positive impact on gut microbiota by increasing the number of good bacteria.11

Organic Acai berry

Acai berry has an incredibly high amount of antioxidants, 3x the antioxidants when compared to blueberries. This antioxidant activity comes from several phytonutrients, such as anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins.

Acai berry also aid digestion by speeding up bowel transit time, preventing foods from fermenting in the intestines, causing bloating, gas and constipation.12

Organic Camu Camu Berry

Camu camu berry contains ellagic acid, a polyphenol antioxidant that has been shown to ease inflammation. Ellagic acid is also associated with weight loss.

Studies also suggest that camu camu berry may reduce body weight by increasing energy expenditure and positively altering gut bacteria.13

Organic Lucuma Fruit

Lucuma fruit has high levels of polyphenols and carotenoids, antioxidants that can help ease inflammation.

Lucuma fruit also contains a lot of insoluble dietary fiber. This type of fiber adds bulk to stool and helps clear waste from the system. 14

With VitaGuard, the body receives essential support for detoxification AND inflammation. Plus, the same superfood ingredients also help to restore micronutrient density in the body.

While toxins are being flushed out from the system, these superfood ingredients also work to replenish the body with beneficial nutrients.

With fewer toxins and less inflammation hindering the body, it's essential to support the body's digestive function for better nutrient absorption, and speed up metabolism to burn fat.

4 More Superfoods to Support Digestion, Metabolism, & Weight Management

Organic Maca Root

Maca root packs high levels of iron and iodine to promote healthy cells and to help keep your metabolism on track.

Its big doses of potassium help support digestive health. Maca root is also rich in calcium, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

These properties can promote natural antioxidants in the body, such as glutathione and superoxide dismutase.15

Organic Chia Seed

Chia seeds are known to be one of the best sources of fiber in the world. They are a strong source of dietary fiber that improves digestive function, allowing the body's small and large intestines to absorb nutrients and antioxidants more effectively

On top of supporting digestive health, chia seed encourages the development of healthy gut bacteria.16

Organic Flaxseed

Flaxseed contains two types of dietary fiber - soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber increases the consistency of the contents of your intestine and slows down your digestion rate.

Insoluble fiber allows more water to bind to the stools, increases their bulk and results in softer stools. This fiber duo gets fermented by the bacteria in the large bowel, bulks up stools and results in more regular bowel movements.

Flaxseeds’ dietary fiber content may aid weight control by suppressing hunger and increasing feelings of fullness.17

Organic Quinoa

Quinoa is a superfood that has a protective effect on the digestive tract. According to a 2012 study, polysaccharides in the cell wall of quinoa showed gastroprotective activity against acute gastric lesions in rats.

The study strengthens the theory that quinoa has anti-inflammatory abilities and benefits gut health and digestive health.

Quinoa can help promote healthy gut microbes (the good bacteria in the gut), which is important for promoting weight management and anti-inflammation.18

Antioxidant Support*

Supports Healthy Digestion*

Natural Detox Support*

Supports Healthy Metabolism*

12 Superfoods. 5 Amazing Benefits. 1 Small Capsule.

At last, you can shorten the journey to good health by using a unique blend of organic superfoods. A blend we call VitaGuard.

This means with VitaGuard, you're not just detoxifying the liver and gut, you're also benefiting other essential functions that contribute to your overall well-being.

To top it all off, the same superfoods in VitaGuard are also rich in a variety of antioxidants that can also help your skin, hair, nails, and joints!

  • Flush out toxins from the gut and digestive tract
  • Replenish the body with any loss nutrients
  • Restore your metabolism to healthy levels
  • Enjoy more energy throughout the day
  • Feel lighter, healthier, and happier

2 Capsules A Day To Flush The Toxins Away

Each bottle contains a 30-day supply (60 capsules). Take 2 capsules every morning with food. Customers have observed the best effects when they take 2 capsules continuously every day.

We also recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day to accelerate VitaGuard's detox effects!

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Janine C. - USA

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Basically everything I would put in a healthy smoothie

I went online and I was able to find this little guy right here, it’s called vita guard. I came across this when I was doing just a regular google search and I’m so glad I found this because, get this, it has 12 super foods, greens and grains.

It has goji berry, it has wheat grass, it has quinoa, chia seeds, kale, açaí berry, I mean basically everything I would put in a healthy smoothie but it just comes in a small capsule!

So that makes it really really easy. I am so glad that I found it. I highly recommend you try Vita Guard!

Darcy M. - USA

Verified Buyer

Felt a noticeable difference in my body

I took this every day for 2 months, and I have felt a noticeable difference in my body.

I am a big fan of anything natural, and this is a natural way to support our body in fighting our daily stresses, by giving us the antioxidants our bodies need to boost our immune systems.

Plus, by taking Vitaguard, you will be more productive every day, with all of your new energy, and any sluggish feelings gone out the window!

All things I’m sure we all could use!

Madeline R. - USA

Verified Buyer

I really love them

I've been taking VitaGuard supplements from Eden Boost and I really love them.

This past year, I've been especially focused on my immune health and these have so many great antioxidants like goji berry, kale, and açaí.

And it's super convenient because everything is packed into these little capsules!

I love knowing that I'm doing good for my body with something as simple as taking a vitamin.

So if you're looking to stay healthy and feel more energized, VitaGuard is definitely the way to go!

Christina M. - USA

Verified Buyer

Everybody has a chance to live a healthy lifestyle

What stood out to me the most about this brand is how wholesome so many of the ingredients are. Nowadays you have to be careful. I've seen so many companies give you garbage. And you never truly know what you're consuming. I appreciate that they went above and beyond.

Especially catered to many different diets such as gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and soy-free. I think that's nice so everybody has a chance to live a healthy lifestyle.

Amber M. - USA

Verified Buyer

My energy just really stays up throughout the day

Probably the main thing I've noticed is my energy just really stays up throughout the day, especially during my workouts. I'm just pumped the whole time. I don't get tired at the end of anything, and for me that's huge. So I would suggest this for anyone who just wanted to keep up their energy or boost their immunity.

Try it out, you won't be disappointed!

Jason J. - USA

Verified Buyer

Tried juicing and all kinds of different fads...

I'm someone who suffers from bloating, I get bad energy levels at certain times of the day, and I've been looking for a product that's going to fix this for me once and for all. I've tried juicing, I've tried all kinds of different fads, and nothing has ever really worked...

Try VitaGuard

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Best of all, it's made with organic ingredients

Organic means...

Non GMO. No Pesticides. No preservatives. Environmentally-friendly.

At EdenBoost, we take extensive measures to create nutritional products that are safe, and of the highest quality. This includes working strictly with FDA-registered and GMP-certified manufacturers, selecting only the best quality ingredients, and delivering world-class customer experiences.

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60 Day Moneyback Guarantee

60 Days Risk-Free Moneyback Guarantee

At EdenBoost, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and customer service. If you don't absolutely love your purchase, we'll refund 100% of your order. We're so confident you'll enjoy VitaGuard that we'll take on all the risk.

How VitaGuard Can Gently Cleanse Your System To Help You Feel and Look Your Best

1. Neutralizes Toxins*

Our toxin-eliminating blend contains Goji Berry, Kale, Wheatgrass, along with other essential vitamins to aid the liver's function in eliminating toxins, waste, and heavy metals from the body.

2. Supports Liver Function & Protection*

VitaGuard's detoxifying blend may support the production and regeneration of healthy liver cells, which may also contribute to improved digestion.

3. Gives Your Metabolism A Boost*

Antimicrobial herbs used in VitaGuard may improve digestion and boost your body's natural metabolism, leaving you feeling more energetic and less bloated.

4. Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Support*

Acai berry, maqui berry, camu camu berry, and lucuma fruit are rich in antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory benefits for more comfort around the joints.

5. Supports Fat Burn*

A healthy detox function can help to flush out excess fat and cholesterol from the body. Goji Berry in VitaGuard works to support the liver's ability to metabolize fat before flushing it out from the system.

6. Supports Healthy Digestion*

Flaxseed and Chia seed are commonly used to support the digestive function through soluble and insoluble fibers, along with other organic ingredients.

7. Supports Good Gut Bacteria*

VitaGuard's antimicrobial herbs interact with the digestive juices to support good gut bacteria and aid digestion.

8. Supports Healthy Skin & Joints*

Antioxidant-rich ingredients may contribute to maintaining good joint health and clearer and tighter-looking skin.

9. Boost Your Energy Daily*

With a healthier digestive system and anti-inflammatory support, VitaGuard's organic ingredients may also help you feel more energetic.

10. Supports Healthy Immune System*

Studies suggest a variety of antioxidants can have a positive influence on the body's immune system. VitaGuard contains 12 active, antioxidant-rich ingredients.

Half of our customers start with 3 bottles! Here's why...

Each bottle of VitaGuard contains 60 vegan capsules, and 2 capsules for each serving. To maximize the detoxing effect, most of our customers like to start with 2 or 4 capsules per day. Most customers trying VitaGuard for the first time choose to enjoy huge savings by ordering 3 or more bottles.

  • 50% of our customers order 2 extra bottles or more to share with their friends and loved ones.
  • The longer you stay on it, the better it works. Keeping the body toxin-free is a constant and consistent lifestyle - not a one-off affair
  • Ordering at least 3 bottles also gives you exclusive access to our "Anti-Inflammation Healthy Aging Guide", which includes 10 easy anti-aging recipes
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Considering that each of our bodies are unique, results may vary. Some of our customers started experiencing results within 2 weeks, but it typically takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks to experience the full benefits of VitaGuard.

We recommend taking VitaGuard for 8 weeks in order to enjoy the benefits.

Additionally, during the first few consumptions, most customers tend to experience:

  • Smoother digestion
  • Feeling more energetic throughout the day
  • Feeling under-the-weather less frequently
  • Less inflammation in the gut and digestive tract
  • Feeling healthier and lighter
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Yes, VitaGuard is made with organic ingredients. Our organic certification is obtained from MOSA, a USDA-accredited agency and also the second-largest organic certifier in the United States.

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VitaGuard is made using organic, high quality, premium, and natural botanics that are safe for regular consumption. The blend is formulated to be free of stimulants, making it ideal for long-term consumption.

If you experience any adverse effects, please stop consumption and consult your doctor. If you are on medication or suffer from any health conditions, please consult with your doctor regarding the consumption of any supplements.

Many customers who follow the recommended dosage of two capsules a day have informed us of experienced healthier weight management, improved digestive health, and less inflammatory discomfort.

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No, VitaGuard does not contain any of the above ingredients.

If you are on a diet (such as ketogenic, vegan, or paleo), VitaGuard is a great addition to support you in achieving your health goals.

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VitaGuard is free of caffeine and stimulants. VitaGuard's blend is made up of organic ingredients.

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If you are on medication or suffer from any health conditions, please consult with your doctor before taking any supplement. VitaGuard contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory support.

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Yes, some of our customers who are not dieting or exercising have experienced healthier digestion and improved weight management after taking VitaGuard.

VitaGuard contains organic beetroot, flaxseed, kale, and wheatgrass. Studies have shown that these ingredients has helped participants in healthy weight management.

If possible, pairing VitaGuard with a healthy and active lifestyle is recommended to experience the best results.

We also recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day to ensure the body is sufficiently hydrated.

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If you require more potency, you can take up to 4 capsules a day. However, please consult with your doctor if you are on any medications or have from any medical conditions.

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