After my doctor diagnosed me with a fatty liver, I felt like my world was caving in. 

Everything seemed to revolve around this grim news. 

Every meal was a battleground, my gut wincing with each bite, feeling like a foreign invader was penetrating my body.

Energy was a thing of the past. 

My limbs were weak, my thoughts foggy

There was a near-constant pain in my abdomen, and my waistline was expanding at a disheartening rate.

It was as if a stranger had taken over my body!

The worst part was the lack of empathy I experienced from medical professionals. 

They would listen with bored expressions as I recounted my troubles. 

My concerns about hereditary factors seemed to amuse them, as they brushed them off with a quick, "Genes play a role, but lifestyle factors are more important."

Conventional diets, restrictive fasting, even those trendy gluten-free, dairy-free regimes? Been there, done that.

I exercised, tried every diet possible (yes, from keto all the way to vegan), and an array of supplements. 

But my liver enzyme levels were just as stubborn as before.

The advice from my doctor was as generic as it was unhelpful. 

"Lose weight," "Exercise more," "Eat healthy." 

These were common refrains, but with little guidance on tackling fatty liver directly.

That's when I decided enough was enough. 

I was not going to let this take over my life.

During my search for a solution, I came across a post from one of the fatty liver support groups I was part of.

Many of them kept mentioning the same thing…


A product that was specifically designed for liver health, energy, and digestion.

The reviews were so positive, and they’ve helped over 10,000 people dealing with fatty liver - people just like me. 

And when I saw the 60-day money-back guarantee, I felt assured that this was a company that stood by its product.

With the guarantee in place, what did I have to lose?

And if it worked, I would regain control over my liver, my health, and my life!

I took the leap of faith and ordered myself 3 bottles.

But first, what exactly is AlphaCleanse? 

AlphaCleanse is a capsule-based supplement containing 12 superfoods formulated for liver support, digestion, and energy. Image: EdenBoost

AlphaCleanse is an all-natural blend of 12 organic superfoods that promotes balanced liver enzyme levels, boosts liver function, eases bloating, and enhances energy.

It's packed with milk thistle, a known liver protectant and detoxifier. 

It also contains turmeric + bioperine, a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent with bioperine to boost bioavailability. 

And dandelion root, renowned for its liver cleansing properties.

There’s 9 more superfoods, it’s all explained on their official product page here if you want to check out the full list.

How is AlphaCleanse different from other products?

Unlike other similar solutions, AlphaCleanse offers its customers a cleaner and more effective way to manage liver enzyme levels, while enjoying other health benefits. Image: EdenBoost

That’s what I wanted to know myself. So I did a ton of research, looking into each ingredient, looking at other products.

Here’s what I learned.

Turns out, other formulas tend to include only milk thistle, or just a small handful of ingredients.

And anyone struggling with fatty liver knows that when the liver is clogged up with fat and toxins, we feel lethargic. Drained. Constantly tired. Bloated.

So the problem with other supplements I’ve tried is that I didn’t feel any different after taking them.

But with AlphaCleanse, I felt a big change within the first few days.

Likely because it incorporates nutrient density through a wide variety of superfoods.

  • First: Flushing out the fat, toxins, and bad bacteria…
  • Second: Supplying the body with liver-boosting nutrients…
  • Third: Enhancing energy levels and easing bloating.

Here’s a detailed recount of my journey with AlphaCleanse

A quick photo before starting my AlphaCleanse journey. Took 2 capsules a day consistently for the duration of 3 months.

Day 1

Day 1 with AlphaCleanse. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the capsules were to swallow.

Took 2 capsules in the morning with my breakfast.

Hours later, I noticed a difference in my overall mood and behavior. Like I was a little perkier than usual.

A slight uptick in my energy levels, not enough to shout about, but not small enough to ignore.

A little too soon to tell - could be placebo!

Week 1

But by Day 7, I began to notice subtle changes. 

The fatigue that used to keep me nailed to the couch was less intense. 

My abdomen felt less heavy, less filled with discomfort. 

I even noticed a bigger rise in my energy levels.

Week 2

Fast forward to Day 14, and the changes were nothing short of astonishing. 

The swelling and discomfort in my liver region had noticeably diminished. 

I felt lighter, healthier, and infinitely more energetic.

In the past, I would wake up in the morning with a sense of dread, wondering what new discomfort the day would bring. 

Now, I found myself leaping out of bed, ready to seize the day.

Week 4

By the time I reached the one-month mark with AlphaCleanse, I was a different person. 

I had even managed to shed a few stubborn pounds that clung onto my waistline.

The bloated feeling was gone. I was no longer fatigued but energized and ready to take on the day. 

Week 8

Fast forward to Day 60, and the improvements have continued.

I’m still seeing positive changes. I’ve learned to listen to my body, to understand its responses, and make choices that support my overall health. 

Every day feels like a personal victory, a testament to my perseverance and AlphaCleanse's effectiveness.

Let’s talk about those victories. Remember the bloating? It’s a thing of the past. 

No more heaviness, no more tight clothes. I’m moving more freely and I feel lighter, both physically and mentally.

And then there's the change in my energy levels. They’ve soared. 

My morning walks no longer feel like a chore. 

Week 12

My doctor was taken aback at my latest test results. 

My liver enzymes, which had stubbornly refused to drop, had significantly decreased. 

I'm thrilled to say, my liver enzymes are now within the normal range!

It was the news I'd been longing to hear. I still have a long way to go, but it's comforting to know that I'm on the right track.

My latest consultation was filled with compliments from my doctor who seemed surprised and pleased at my remarkable turnaround.

Even my skin, once dull and tired-looking, now has a healthy glow. 

It's a small detail, but it gives me immense happiness every time I look in the mirror. It’s proof of my health radiating from within.

Who I’d Recommend This To

AlphaCleanse has played a massive role in my journey towards better health. 

It’s given me a tool to help manage my fatty liver. And gave me a second lease at living my life to the fullest.

Even though my experience with AlphaCleanse was nothing but stellar, the truth is it’s not for everyone.

Just like any other supplement, it isn’t a magic cure.

And if you want to maximize the benefits, it’s always best to combine it with the usual healthy lifestyle choices.

That said, I’d definitely recommend AlphaCleanse to anyone who’s going through the same challenges as I did:

  • Anyone who wants a better way to manage fatty liver.
  • Anyone who’s worried about rising liver enzyme levels.
  • Anyone who’s grappling with low energy levels.
  • Anyone who’s fed up with bloating.
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Is AlphaCleanse expensive?

If you compare AlphaCleanse to other products, AlphaCleanse is a slightly more premium option.

But you do get what you pay for - a formula that lives up to its promise, a product that’s heavily tested, that’s manufactured right here in the US.

If you ask me, when it comes to investing in your health, it just makes good sense to give your body (and liver) the absolute best.

At the same time, you can enjoy enormous savings by going for their 3-bottle option, which is sold in their online store at only $40 a bottle (AND includes free USA shipping).

Which is very affordable, considering each bottle can tide you through a full month!

Final Word

When I embarked on my health journey with AlphaCleanse, I was apprehensive. 

But the wealth of scientific research supporting its ingredients made me decide to give it a shot. 

Each AlphaCleanse capsule is filled with ingredients such as milk thistle, dandelion root, and turmeric - all proven to support liver health and aid in weight management. 

AlphaCleanse hasn't just improved my liver health, it's given me my life back. 

The feeling of dread that once consumed me has been replaced with optimism. 

The diagnosis is no longer a life sentence, but a challenge that I'm confident I can manage.

With AlphaCleanse by my side, I've reclaimed my health, my vitality, and my hope for the future

It's a journey that's required courage and patience, but it’s one that’s brought immense rewards.

If you're battling a fatty liver, know that you're not alone. 

You don't have to accept declining health as your new normal. 

With determination, lifestyle changes, and the right support - like AlphaCleanse - you can take control of your health. 

It’s worked for me, and it just might work for you too. 

Here’s to better health and the ability to meet life's challenges head-on.

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