How to Go From Feeling Bloated, Tired, & Sporting a Beer Belly To Losing Weight, Feeling Energized, And Even...

Reversing Fatty Liver

(...Once and For All - In Just 90 Days Or Less!)

Written By:
Augusta Morrissette

Feb 2024

Lots of us hit the drive-thru for a quick burger-and-fries fix. When life gets busy, fast food can be an easy go-to. But here’s something important many don’t realize: Over time, regularly eating fast food can put our liver health at risk.

When we eat fatty, salty foods often, our liver has to go into overdrive filtering out chemicals and toxins. If our diet piles on more grease than our liver can fully handle, that extra workload takes a gradual toll.

Our liver starts getting clogged up with fat, even while we feel fine and stick to our routine. This fat buildup causes early but dangerous liver disease.

People usually have no symptoms even though they already have dangerous fat deposits in their liver.

And without treatment, this fat build-up causes chronic liver inflammation—leading to cirrhosis, liver cancer, and eventually liver failure.

New research found 1 in 3 Americans may already have some liver damage and not even know it yet. That’s because at first, there are usually zero symptoms letting you know something’s wrong.

You might be one of them.

Do you often feel unusually tired without a clear reason?

Have you seen small weight gains around your belly despite diet and exercise efforts?

What about random bouts of bloating, stomach pains or diarrhea — especially after eating out?

If you said yes to any of these, then this could be one of the most important health articles you read today...

The Hidden Liver Health Crisis

Liver health is nosediving faster than a 747 with engine failure. The usual suspects like booze and fast food aren't the whole story. Desk jobs, lazy nights, pollution, stress, even those "healthy" foods with shady labels are also to blame.

Your liver, that tireless workhorse, is being run ragged. When it finally gives out, the effects are life-shattering – weight gain, endless fatigue, liver scarring no medicine can heal. And let's not forget cirrhosis, a diagnosis you want nowhere near your medical records.

But there's more – your liver isn't just your detox commander. It's your metabolic maestro, your digestion's BFF. Mess with your liver, and your energy, waistline, your whole bodily rhythm gets knocked out of whack faster than an amateur boxer. Yet some peddle tall tales that liver troubles are only for drinkers or foie gras lovers. Hogwash. It's now everybody's problem.

Enough jabber. Let's get real – detox teas, quick fixes, liver "flushes"? They're just fantastical words leading to disappointment. Your liver needs real science, real nutrients, and a real plan.

But what if I told you we can turn this ship around? That there's hope backed by the brightest minds in nutritional science? This brings us to the pivotal information you need to know.


The 11 Potent Nutrients Scientifically Proven to Enhance Liver Health

Your liver is an engine that's been running full throttle since day one. It's your body's filtering superhero, metabolism manager, toxin bouncer — keeping you alive and kicking. But like any workhorse, it needs TLC and grade-A fuel.

That's where these 12 scientifically-backed nutrients come roaring in. They're hand-picked and calibrated to be premium fuel for peak liver performance.

I call them your liver's pit crew — the dream team ingredients that'll tune-up, re-energize, and revitalize your overtaxed liver.

In a moment, I'll pop the hood and spotlight how each nutrient pulls its weight. From conquering fatigue to optimizing digestion, detoxification, and beyond, these ingredients get the job done.

Your liver's been waiting for its A-game support squad. Now it's time to meet the MVP all-stars that'll take your liver health and vitality into overdrive — starting today!

1. Milk Thistle:
Your Liver's Ancient Ally

From Ancient Greece to modern times, Milk Thistle stands as a formidable defender of liver health. It's the silymarin in Milk Thistle that steals the spotlight, with studies like one by the NCBI demonstrating its effectiveness in easing symptoms of liver diseases such as cirrhosis. This ingredient is a blend of historical wisdom and modern scientific validation for your liver's wellbeing¹.

2. Dandelion Root:
The Underestimated Liver Guardian

More than a garden weed, Dandelion Root is a treasure for liver care. Rich in liver-friendly compounds, it has been shown to alleviate liver fibrosis and oxidative stress. This unassuming plant, long used in traditional medicine, now shines in the spotlight of modern research, confirming its benefits for liver health².

3. Reishi Mushroom:
Eastern Wisdom for Liver Health

A gem in Eastern medicine, the Reishi Mushroom, is renowned for promoting liver health. Scientific studies validate its role in reducing liver damage, especially in chronic hepatitis B cases. This mushroom is not just a culinary delight but a scientifically acknowledged liver protector³.

4. Spirulina:
The Super Algae for Liver Care

Spirulina, the nutrient-rich blue-green algae, is a powerhouse for liver health, particularly effective against liver fat and inflammation. Scientific research backs its role in supporting liver function, making this algae a mighty ally for maintaining liver health⁴.

5. Rhubarb Root:
Ancient Root, Modern Liver Solution

Rhubarb Root, traditionally used for digestive health, also offers significant liver benefits. New research corroborates its efficacy in reducing liver injury, making it an effective solution for liver health rooted in ancient wisdom⁵.

6. Nettle Leaf:
The Green Liver Protector

Nettle Leaf, known for its natural defensive properties, is equally potent for liver protection. Its antioxidant benefits, as supported by research, provide natural support against liver damage, making it a valuable component in liver health maintenance⁶.

7. Beetroot:
The Crimson Liver Enhancer

A vibrant addition to any plate, Beetroot is also a liver's best friend. It's loaded with betaine, known to help protect the liver and bile ducts. This naturally sweet root vegetable has been the subject of studies highlighting its role in liver detoxification and energy enhancement. Dive into the goodness of Beetroot for a splash of color and health⁷.

8. Ginger:
The Spicy Liver Revitalizer

Ginger isn't just a kitchen staple; it's a liver health enhancer. With hepatoprotective properties, Ginger has been studied for its role in preventing liver damage. This zesty root adds a kick of flavor and a dose of health, making it an essential part of your liver care routine⁸.

9. Turmeric + BioPerine:
The Golden Liver Duo

Turmeric, coupled with BioPerine for absorption, forms a golden duo for liver care. Curcumin in Turmeric is a powerful compound, backed by studies for its hepatoprotective effects. This spice, a staple in many kitchens, is more than just a flavor enhancer – it's a liver health booster⁹.

10. Schisandra Berry:
The Five-Flavor Liver Tonic

Schisandra Berry, known for its unique blend of flavors, is also a liver health ally. Traditional medicine and modern studies align, showing its liver-regenerative capabilities. This berry brings a harmonious blend of taste and health benefits, supporting your liver in a naturally delicious way¹⁰.

10. Burdock Root:
The Grounded Liver Protector

Burdock Root, deeply rooted in herbal medicine traditions, emerges as a liver health champion. Research supports its hepatoprotective effects, particularly against alcohol-induced liver damage. This earthy root is a testament to the power of natural ingredients in supporting liver health¹¹.

Now, you might be thinking...

“Sure, I’ll just hit the grocery store and load up.”

But here's the clincher – getting these nutrients in the amounts you need, every single day, is like a second job. Modern diets, busy lives, it’s a recipe for nutrient no-shows.

That’s why we crafted AlphaCleanse. It’s your one-stop-shop for all 11 nutrients, no mess, no stress. Just take 2 easy-to-swallow capsules per day and you’re on your way to liver health heaven. And the best part? It takes less time than brewing your morning coffee.

So, if you’re ready to skip the grocery hauls, the kitchen disasters, and get right to the good stuff, you can...

Skip the Hassle and Get the Nutrients You Need in Just 30 Seconds a Day

Ditch the diet drama and kitchen chaos. AlphaCleanse is your golden ticket to liver health, and it doesn't require a fridge full of exotic grub or a PhD in nutrition. We've bottled up the best, research-backed ingredients to give your liver the VIP treatment it deserves, without the fuss.

We're talking about a premium blend that's got the science world buzzing and the liver health community cheering. Each serving of AlphaCleanse is like a nutrient super-shot for your liver, with all 11 of those liver-loving nutrients we talked about. And our commitment to quality is ironclad – no cutting corners, no fluff, just pure liver health gold.

Imagine this: you wake up, toss back 2 capsules of AlphaCleanse, and that's it. Your liver is fueling up on everything it needs while you're still rubbing sleep from your eyes. Even if your day's packed from dawn till dusk, those 30 seconds fit right in.

Now, let's talk results. In the first month, you're looking at your liver starting to cleanse, feeling more pep in your step. Month two? Your digestion's smoother, that bloated belly's settling down. And by the end of month three, get ready for a full-on liver revival – more energy, less fluff around the waist, and a clear, sharp mind.

AlphaCleanse doesn't just make liver health a breeze... it's a no-brainer compared to the alternative. No more piles of produce or blending up bizarre concoctions. Just 2 superfood-packed capsules that are so easy to swallow.

Your liver's about to become your new best friend.

Transform Your Liver and Your Life

Imagine flipping the script on your liver health. With AlphaCleanse, it's not just possible – it's a promise. We're talking about a liver so clean, it could sparkle. A liver that turns food into fuel like a high-octane sports car, burning through fat with the finesse of a ballet dancer.

This isn't just about dropping pounds or a number on a scale. It's about waking up with a zing, skin glowing like it's lit from within, and a mind so sharp, you could outwit a fox. It's energy that lasts – no more mid-afternoon crashes or brain fog rolling in like unwanted weather.

Here's the deal: time's ticking, and your liver isn't getting any younger. But with AlphaCleanse, age is just a number. Those 30 seconds a day? They're your new non-negotiable, the easiest health hack in your toolkit.

So, what's stopping you? Grab a serving, take the plunge, and watch the magic happen. It's your liver's turn to shine.

Now, let’s switch gears and talk about what’s probably in your mind right now...

“How much is a bottle of AlphaCleanse?”

Here’s the deal:

For less than a fast food lunch that just weighs you down, you could change your liver health trajectory and energize your life.

Think about it...

A greasy takeout combo - around $12. A sugary latte quick-fix - $7 tops. Even one cocktail that taxes your liver - easily $15. Heck, a monthly music app fee just to sing about your woes is $10!

Yet fortifying your actual liver with AlphaCleanse costs just over $1 a day. And right now, you don’t even have to pay our regular bargain $49 per bottle. With our discounted Subscribe & Save, you lock in 20% savings - just $39 per bottle!

The benefits of consistently taking AlphaCleanse will compound as it supercharges your liver function and vitality month after month.

Our tiny price proves this isn’t just about profits for us – it’s about real transformation anyone can afford.

Is your liver health worth $1.33 per day to you? I hope so.

And, to make this investment even easier for you, we’re also giving...

The EdenBoost 60-Day Liver Lift Pledge

We stand fully behind AlphaCleanse. We aim for results and 100% satisfaction, period. That’s why we’re backing it up with an ironclad 60-day money-back guarantee.

Here’s how it works: Invest in AlphaCleanse today and commit to taking it consistently for 60 days. We’re confident you’ll quickly feel the difference as it optimizes your liver function and keeps you operating on all cylinders.

However, if you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the results for any reason, simply contact us within 60 days of your purchase date, return any unused bottles (even empty ones!), and we’ll swiftly refund every penny — no questions, headaches, or obstacles.

You can even use our discounted Subscribe & Save option and still qualify for a full refund if you cancel within the first 60 days. There’s zero risk when you choose to give AlphaCleanse a shot.

We firmly believe this is hands-down the most potent, scientifically-backed formula out there for supporting liver health. But if you aren’t satisfied for any reason at all, you have our personal promise of a full money-back guarantee.

The choice is clear – say YES to AlphaCleanse today and feel the health difference it makes or get every cent back. We know you'll make the smart choice once you experience the benefits firsthand. Your satisfaction is our top priority, after all.

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